Who We Are

UniSeeds Inc. is a professional seed business that develops and distributes high-quality industrial hemp seed. We are farmers serving farmers, with a goal to improve life through plant genetics by working collaboratively with our peers to serve the agricultural market, increase hemp production and generate agronomic knowledge that maximizes productivity. By combining conventional and new breeding and research techniques, UniSeeds aims to help meet the needs of a growing population whose demand for high-quality agricultural seeds and products continues to increase.


We work collaboratively with agricultural producers to serve the agricultural market and improve life through plant genetics.

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We aim to be the best at identifying the market opportunities, developing premium hemp genetics to serve those opportunities and using both to create more value for our customers in order to become the number one hemp seed company, in Canada, in North America, worldwide.

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Honesty, Transparency and Integrity

UniSeeds prides itself on being honest and transparent in our business relationships, fostering open communication with our partners and customers, and being accountable to tomorrow’s producers for the choices we make today. UniSeeds endeavours to offer our partners the best possible relationship in the industry by ourselves being knowledgeable and professional in our chosen field; we adhere to strict ethics in our production and sales practices; and we expect no less from our partners and customers.

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Meet the UniSeeds Team!

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