Honesty, Transparency and Integrity

UniSeeds prides itself on being honest and transparent in our business relationships, fostering open communication with our partners and customers, and being accountable to tomorrow’s producers for the choices we make today. UniSeeds endeavours to offer our partners the best possible relationship in the industry by ourselves being knowledgeable and professional in our chosen field; we adhere to strict ethics in our production and sales practices; and we expect no less from our partners and customers.

Respect and Accountability

UniSeeds is built on respect, for each other as peers in agriculture; for the seed business and its essential place in the global food production process; for our partners whose support and expertise enable us to continue to develop top notch products; for our customers who hold us to meet their high quality standard expectations; and for future generations who must be able to continue to grow food for the world for decades to come.

Innovation and Growth

UniSeeds builds strategic partnerships to encourage hemp cultivation in Canada and grow the worldwide market. We are committed to providing premier hemp genetics by combining conventional and new breeding and research techniques to build out a diverse germplasm bank with the ability to cater to priority markets. We foster wider industry innovation by participating in the advancement of hemp research, including seed research to develop an internal understanding of hemp genetics and agronomy and other hemp research developing innovative product offerings, whether using grain or fiber.  We enable others to enter and grow the industry by providing a high quality solution for their seed needs, cultivating grower and public awareness and assisting where necessary with technology and know-how.


UniSeeds strives for excellence in all aspects of the company. We aim to be efficient and proactive, following applicable regulations, policies and procedures and setting new standards for the industry. We focus our plans to bring value both to the current and future state of the industry and effectively implement those plans. We are committed to distributing the highest quality products possible and are continually seeking out new techniques, technology and information to further improve our offerings.  We are open-minded, continually exploring new possibilities and keen to cultivate new partnerships to build success for our business and create value for the industry as a whole.