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Lethbridge, Alberta (janvier 2021) - Tritium 3H, Inc., une entreprise canadienne de graines de chanvre basée à Lethbridge, en Alberta, spécialisée dans les tests de variétés de chanvre et la commercialisation de variétés de chanvre industriel est heureuse d'annoncer la signature d'un accord de distribution de graines de chanvre avec Uniseeds Inc. de Cobden, ON.

Posted: June 22nd 2021

Tritium 3H

Lethbridge, Alberta (January, 2021) - Tritium 3H, Inc., a Canadian hemp seed company based in Lethbridge, Alberta, specializing in hemp variety testing and commercialization of industrial hemp varieties is pleased to announce the signing of a Hemp Seed Distribution Agreement with Uniseeds Inc. of Cobden, ON.

T3H received Health Canada List of Approved Cultivars publication for Canada’s first high CBD feminized hemp cultivar, CBF1 and await 2021 approval for the next generation of high CBD cultivars. Pending Health Canada approval Uniseeds will distribute new high CBD feminized hemp hybrids to Canadian producers for the 2021 season.

T3H CEO Jayme Hunter stated, “We are very pleased to be working with Uniseeds for the distribution of T3H hemp varieties to Canadian producers, Uniseeds is one of the most respected hemp distributors in Canada and has a successful history of delivering value to their customers.”

UniSeeds business manager Pierre Lanoie confirmed,” we are excited to work with T3H and be given the opportunity to be a leader in offering top notch high CBD feminized hybrids to Canadian hemp growers”.

About Tritium 3H

Tritium 3H works collaboratively with breeders, producers and end users to bring well adapted hemp varieties with superior performance traits to market. It's the goal of T3H to maximize value and return for partners at each step of the supply chain.

For more information, visit www.growtritium.com. For inquiries contact Jayme Hunter, jayme@growtritium.com.

About Uniseeds

UniSeeds is a Canadian hemp seed company based in Eastern Ontario that develop, multiply and commercialize proprietary and third-party hemp genetics to North American hemp growers. UniSeeds has a vast experience in the hemp space being able to offer hemp cultivars and expertise for all key hemp market segmentsincluding grain, fiber and now CBD.

For more information, visit www.uniseeds.ca. For inquiries contact Mark Lahti, markl@uniseeds.ca.